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Main differences between PC and Online substitution
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Once you have created a timetable you can use it as a basis for daily substitutions.

For this purpose there is a special module aSc Substitutions. This module is standalone PC or MAC application. The daily substitutions can then be published on EduPage so that your teachers/students can see them online or in their mobile applications.

However, you can also do the substitution fully online in aSc Substitutions Online:

You need to login as administrator to your EduPage, then select "Substitutions":

The layout and usage of the application is the same as in aSc Substitutions.

The main advantages of online application:
- full online solution, runs from any PC/Mac/Linux/iPad/Android device
- one database on the server
- automatic backups - if your local PC burns you can continue from any other PC
- two users can work at the same time

The advantages of local PC/MAC application:
- no internet connection required
- a bit faster -the speed of online depends on your internet speed
- some advanced features are still PC/Mac only, but this will be reduced over time.

Which application shall you use? This is up to you, some of you may prefer the ease of access, some may prefer local application. Some may not have a sufficient internet connection. We just wanted to provide you with both options.

-it is possible to create account for a teacher and give him rights to substitution so you do not need to give him the administrators password

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