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How can I organize the grades into categories?
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Categories in Grades have two functions:

a) Categories without weighting arrange several assignments into one column and thus make the Grade book view simpler. For detailed help see:
How to sort the assignments in Grade book into columns

b) Categories with weighting sort grades according to their importance. It is an "advanced feature" for advanced users e.g. language courses:

Divide the grades into three categories, e.g. grammar, literature, writing. Set the percentage of each part in the final grade:

- grammar grades with 35% weight
- literature grades with 20% weight
- writing grades with 25% weight

Please note the weight with which the non categorized grades are calculated into the final grade. The example in the picture calculates with 100-35-20-25=20 %.

Grade counting formula:

Remember that if the weight division for grammar was 60% and for literature 40% (i.e. 100% altogether), the grades assigned to none of these categories calculate with 0% weight into the final grade. That is, they are not calculated in the final grade at all.

If you have assignments with different weight in one category, the weight is counted inside the category and then, the category is counted into the result with the given weight.

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