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If your school decides, you can manage the attendance directly from the class register. Simply click on the students icon. The system will show the students that are suppossed to be on this lesson. You can specify who was absent(Nielsen) and who was late(Lopez – 5 minutes late)

If the parents have a smartphone they can install the EduPage application and they will be immediately notified.
If you are a class teacher, you will then decide whether all the absences are to be taken as excused or unexused. Switch to view “attendance” and select your class. You will see all students and beside each student there is one number showing “unresolved attendance issues”:

We can see that Melissa Perez has 8 “attendance issues”. We can see that she was not present on 4 lessons on 10th and on 4 lessons on 27th.
Now her parents send you the absence note, saying that she was ill. All you need is to click “new absence note, specify time period where she was excused and the reason:

As a result you can now see that her absences are excused and you can also see the reason why. If you need to edit you can directly click on the absence or use button absence notes to show all absences.

Each record has a history, so if one teacher says that a kid was present, another teacher says the kid was absent, you can always see who and when exactly has changed that absence.
You do not need to use “absence notes”. If you prefer or if you have some special situation, you can directly edit the absence entries, for example Lopez was late, so you simply mark it as unexcused by pressing the right mouse button:

You can also view the attendance for the whole class and edit it in this view:

Or check some graphs and statistics to see who is the most notorious absentee:

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