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You can see your timetable for any given day here. Also, if the school is using substitution module, then the changes made is substitution are automatically merged with your regular lessons to provide you with the most up to date state of your school day:

For example in this detail we can see that teacher Bauer first had Biology in 4A. This was regular lesson he has in timetable. He was teaching something about rainforests. Then he had to teach Math in 2.D. Here he is doing the substitution for teacher Taylor, as noted in the yellow line:

If your school administrator is not using aSc TimeTables. You can add the lesson by yourself, just click add lesson:

If you want to cancel the lesson that you have added, use the button edit/cancel lesson:

If your school decided to use electronic classbook you can input the curriculum for each lesson. Simply write what have you done on that lesson and press Save:

This view also shows events inputted by other teachers, like scheduled meetings/exams/room bookings that you have to attend:

You can print your daily plan:

If your school administrator is not publishing timetable, you can copy the timetable from previous days to save you some inputting work:

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