How can I publish timetable for parents/students from aSc TimeTables windows application?

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Open your file, select "TimeTables Online" and Select "Publish timetable for public online viewing"

Type the name of the timetable, for example 2017/2018-Final timetable, or 2017/18 etc, this will be used if you have more timetables for one school year:

Then the software exports the timetable and opens your webpage. Login, and you will see a timetable publish wizard.

First step is to specify when this timetable is valid, in other words when your school will run by this timetable:

Then in the second step, the software offers you to synchronize this timetable with EduPage. At the first run it will probably offer you to add your teachers, subjects, classrooms etc from timetable to EduPage so that you have these data available on EduPage as well:

When you change the timetable and publish the changed timetable sometime later, the system will check the names of your teachers and if you have added some new teachers into the timetable it will only add those. In case you have changed the names of some teachers, you will need to “link” these teachers with the corresponding teachers that had already been inputted in EduPage.
Then in the second step you can specify what shall be visible for public and what for logged in users. So you can for example hide teachers from public timetable.

Press Confirm to publish your timetable. This is how the public can now see your timetable. Please notice that they for example cannot see the timetables of teachers, that is displayed in grey colour.

Your students and teachers can see also their timetable in mobile application.