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How can I change the design of the top/bottom/background of the page?
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You select one of the prepared designs, or if you want to play with the page, you can change individual parts to your liking. Let’s start with top of the page:

Now you can select either color or picture from the list of provided images. In EduPage PRO you can upload your own background image:

Page background & bottom of the page:

You can select color or image for both background and bottom of the page:

Page border. Page border basically puts some frame around the contents of your webpage:

You can select some image, for example the border here is the image of the kids on the left/right and top of the page content.

Important thing about the borders is that you can specify the vertical positions where the border will start and where the page content will start. So if you have some fancy border with graphics at the top, you will need to move the content of the web page a bit more to the bottom. Use Page top margin and content top margin parameters to move your page. You can even use negatie numbers if you for example want to cut off the top of the background image:

In the PRO version you can upload your own design elements, images backgrounds etc, so your graphic can completely transform the look of your EduPage, while still having all the functionality
Note: before big changes it is advised to use save/load of the designs

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