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How to change the school logo and school name
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Log in as the administrator and click the edit logo icon(or simply click on the logo). On the right hand side a panel appears, where you can select image, type text, change font etc. Press apply settings when done:

You can use some of the prepared logos, but you will probably want to upload your own using the “upload file” at the bottom of the dialog:

The height of the logo can be specified at the left. Ideally, you should provide a logo of the specified height.
The uplaoded images display in the “my pictures tab”. You can select or delete any of the images or upload another one:

If you want the school name to be split into two rows, simply press enter in the editbox.
Note: You can also input the school name into the logo picture. This can be useful if you have special font/graphics included in the school name. In that case do not forget to remove the text from the editfield.
After making changes to settings do not forget to press Apply:

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