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Copy text from MS Word/Excel to EduPage
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It is possible to write your text in Microsoft Word and then copy it to EduPage text page, like about school or teacher's personal pages.

1. Just use Edit/Copy in Word or CTRL-C.
2. then open your EduPage, create text page
3. and press CTRL-V in the editbox.


- MS Word is complex text editor. Not everything you can type in Word can be displayed on the internet, without MS Word. But for regular texts withous some very special formating this method works nicely.

- You can also purchase EduPage storage and then just upload Word/PDF/Excel and any other formats directly to your EduPage and users can directly download this files.

- Sometimes when you copy/paste a text from MS Word/Excel into the text page on EduPage, word might add also some special formating characters. In this case, just press button Fix HTML:

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