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What a teacher can do on EduPage?
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As a teacher you can login to EduPage and do the following:

1. You can create your homepage. This homepage can contain any number of subpages. You can add your texts or your pictures there. This homepage is good to tell the students something about you, but can also be used to post study related information, new homeworks or results of the last written examination:

2. You can add your photos and create unlimited number of photogaleries each with any number of photos from your favourite moments:

3. Change the photoalbum of the class where you are class teacher. The class is defined in aSc TimeTables.

4. You can change the homepage for subject. For examle you can write what history lessons are like at your school, put online some educational materials for students etc.

5. Edit school news, weekly menu or the main school's photo album.

Each of the above has to be granted to you by your school's administrator. He/she has to give you password and specify which options are allowed for you.

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