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Problem with login (cookies)
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If the system tells you that you cannot login because you don't have "Cookies" on, you have to enable them in your webbrowser.

99% of users have cookies enabled so please check other options before reading this article.
I forgot the password/password is not working

Cookies is a standard technology used by EduPage to handle your login status. is not using cookies for anything else. Cookies are allowed by default, if they are not allowed in your webbrowser, somebody had to disable them. It is very likely that most of other internet sites that require login will not work in a browser that does not have "cookies" on. (for example web e-mails etc).

This is how you can enable cookies in Internet Explorer:

In menu Tools, choose "Internet options". Then select tab "Privacy" and select "Default":

It is possible that you will have to restart the internet explorer.

If the above steps doesn't help you can try to add EduPage to trusted sites:

More info on cookies can be found here

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