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1. If your school already has good web pages, you can continue using them and use EduPage to enhance them with functionality provided by EduPage. Your current web master can add links to your current pages to corresponding section in EduPage. For example you can add a link to current timetable, daily substitutions, web pages of teachers or subjects.

Anytime later, for example when you publish a new timetable, daily substitution or when you add photos, you will not need technician to add the changes to your website. The link will show the updated EduPage with actual data.

2. If your school has an internet address, but you have not yet create pages or you are not satisfied with your current pages, you can use EduPage for complete presentation of your school. As your web address you can then present for example

You can also present the current address( and put a link(redirect) that will invisibly guide the visitors to your EduPage site. This solution will give you all the EduPage functionality and you can keep your current www address.

Steps for creating a redirect from your previous page:
1. Login to EduPage. Select Customize. Then Redirect:

2. Select one of the available files:

3. Put this file on your current webserver or give it to your provider using the same method as you've used for putting your old web pages online. Or ask a technician to do this for you. This operation will only be needed once.

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