Personal EduPage account

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A teacher or student can login to EduPage with either a school account or a personal account.

Username for your school account is usually SurnameName. The teacher receives the login information for the school account from the school EduPage administrator. The student receives them from his class teacher.

In addition to the school account, the teacher/student can also create a personal account. Your personal account login name is an email address.

The advantage of a personal account is that if you forget your password, you can change your password without having to ask your administrator.

How do I create a personal account?
Sign in to your school account, click your name in the top right corner, and select "My profile".

Click Create personal account.

Please enter your email address. This will be the login to your personal account.

EduPage will send a verification code to your email. After it, the personal account is created.

You can sign in. If you forget your password, just press "I do not know login name or password" in the login dialog.

A teacher can also connect several teacher accounts through a personal account (e.g. if he teaches at several schools). He can also use his personal account to join his parent EduPage accounts (if he has another).

He will do so through My profile/Connect another EduPage account.

You can switch accounts here.