How can a student with unknown EduPage login data connect to the interactive lesson?

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To connect to the interactive lesson, the students have to be logged in to their EduPage accounts. The best option is to log in via (updated) EduPage mobile application.

If for a reason, a student can't log in to their EduPage account, they can participate in the interactive lesson anyway.

While launching the interactive lesson, instructions display in the right bottom corner. Students with unknown EduPage login data can follow the instructions to connect to the interactive lesson. The instructions specify the web address and blackboard ID.

Any student, who can't log in to their EduPage account (does not remember their login data) enters the following webpage address in their computer/tablet/smartphone:, e.g.

and subsequently enters the blackboard ID. Thus the student connects to the interactive lesson.

The student links their anonymous login with their name in the list of students. This way, their answers to questions in the presentation link to their name in the results.

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