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User rights - Overview
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The administrator can access the User rights overview by clicking "Overview" in the left menu and selecting "User rights".

The administrator can see an overview of all teachers, and the user rights they have been granted. There is a list of all teachers (emplyees) in the column on the left. There is a list of rights in the top raw.

If no column with the desired right is visible, please click the "Select column" button. Tick the rights you wish to be displayed in the overview.

The administrator can grant a teacher an administration right for a specific module by ticking the relevant box.

The rights have been grouped by modules. Some modules have further rights' settings of their own specific (non administration) rights. These are not included in the Overview and they have to be set in the module.

The rights for grades inputting and viewing are described in this guide: Rights to grades

Further rights can be set for specific applications in the Applications module. Administrator - how to enable submitting applications

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