Class teacher - overview

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Accounts for parrents
Teacher - parents' accounts
Class teacher - How to print out an overview of parents' e-mail addresses
How do I know if the parents' accounts are valid?

Grade boook
How can the class teacher view the notices awarded to students in their class?
How can a class teacher view and input grades to students in their class?
Advanced mode to enter/view grades
=How to edit the number of excused and unexcused lessons (for final report purposes)
How to input educational measures: praise, rebuke...
Class teacher - Mass evaluation of students' behavior in final report/certificate
How do I print a class report and other reports?

Class register and attendance
Class register of the teacher / class register of the class
What can class teachers do in class register?
How to input events/lessons with class teacher en masse

Attendance of students
How can the class teacher input absence notes?
How to enter Mass absence note in EduPage
How to change the type of absence from excused to unexcused and vice versa?
How to excuse students' absences due to school representation automatically
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Electronic absence notes
Absence notes overview
Class teacher - How to enable electronic absence notes
Teacher - Accepting absence note from parents

Communication with parents and students
Messages to students and parents

Teacher - Creating a cash collection for a school activity (on the web)
Teacher - Creating a money collection for a school activity (in the mobile application)

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How to print list of students
=Diploma printing