Evaluation type "Points"

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In this type of evaluation, when creating an assignment, the teacher inputs the maximum number of points students can gain. The maximum number of points is considered the weight of the assignment (test/exam) as well. Meaning, a 25 point test has lower weight (half the weight) than a 50 point test.

Teacher inputs the number of points awarded to the students into the assignment column.

Students see the ratio of number of points gained to the maximum possible number of points.

The final grade is computed from a ratio of points gained to the maximum number of points.
How to calculate a grade for the final report/certificate

Advantages of "Points" evaluation type:
a) Evaluation by points is more just than evaluation by grades. If for example a test has maximum 100 points, then both, the student who gained 74 points and the student who gained 50 points, are awarded grade 3. These students were awarded the same grade, but their knowledge is not the same. Evaluation by points reflects the students' results in more details. It can help the teacher to make a just decision about the final grade.

b) Evaluation by points can be easily combined with bonus points. Just create an assignment with 0 maximum number of points. All points the students gain are bonus points. It is also possible to gain 28 points out of 25 in a test, if the student answered bonus questions.

c) It is easy for the students to determine how many points they need to gain if they know the required number of points for their final grade in advance.

EduPage also offers you evaluation by points with informative grade. This type of evaluation works the same way as evaluation by points, but it displays an informative grade. The average is computed from points, not the grades.

If you prefer evaluation with equal weight for all tests no matter what the number of points is, select Evaluation type "Percentages computed from point value"

Your other evaluation options:
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Evaluation type "Percentages computed from point value with informative grade"