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Teaching plans - overview
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Teacher can create a teaching plan in EduPage for each lesson he teach. Either they create it by copying a plan from last year, or from a plan of a parallel course. Or teacher can create a new plan. It can also be imported from the Excel spreadsheet.

How to create new plan
How to import a teaching plan from excel/word

You can edit your plan at any time, for example, by adjusting the number of lessons you teach a particular topic.

How to edit existing plan

If the teacher enters a number of lessons per week when creating the course, EduPage will help him plan specific topics for each month.

How to plan curriculum

Why is it convenient to have a plan in EduPage?
Once you prepare it, you no longer have to do it again. When typing the curriculum in class register, just select the next topic from the plan.

How to use teaching plan in class register

You can prepare your notes, presentations, pictures, add control questions to each topic of your plan.

Why to add preparations to the topics of the plan?

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