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Select "Results" in the left menu.

Statistics of grades

This view displays a comparison of students' results - between classes, among students within a single class based on different data sources - the average of the grades, the final report grade or the grades from a particular examination, for example, comparative tests between several classes in one school grade.

Browse grades
Displays a grade book where you can view the grades of all classes and subjects.

Browse assignements
Assignment means the assignment of homework, a test, a project or the assignment of a presentation.

When you click a specific number (the number of assignments), the system redirects you to the list of assignations of a course.

Overview of courses: Works
This is an overview of the number of assignations in each class (course). Colors indicate: green - official course, red - no course has been created yet.

Overview of courses: Grades

In this report, you can see whether teachers award students grades to gradebook.

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