Teacher - Creating a cash collection for a school activity (on the web)

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Teacher - Creating a money collection for a school activity (in the mobile application)

A class teacher can easily create and manage a cash collection when they are planning a visit to cinema, theater with the students, or for annual class photo,...

A new cash collection can be created in the "Payments" section of "Communication" in the left menu.

Next, select "Payment plans" in the top menu and then click on the '+ add payment plan' button.

In a dialog for a new payment plan, define the name of the payment plan (e.g. Cinema - 4.A), select the maturity date for the collection and fill in the amount to be collected from a student (marked with red).

Some fields (marked with blue) fill in automatically - 'Type: Teacher's payment plan', 'Bank account: Paid in cash', 'Visibility: Visible to payers', 'Fees: 1 Payment'.

If it is a repeat payment, fill out the "Period" field.
In the 'Payers' part click the blue '+Add' button.

Now, payers can be added. As a class teacher, you have access to your class automatically. You can choose all students with one click or select individual students from the class (e.g., if you know that some students do not participate in the collection).

Click the green 'Ok' button.

Click the green 'Save changes' button to complete the payment plan.

Now, you have a new collection created in your payment plan called Cinema - 4.A.

In the collection you can easily record the students who have already paid. Click on the payment plan name or people icon on the right.

Select the students who have paid and click the blue 'Add payments' button on the top.

In the opened dialog you can see the payments assigned to selected students. Click the 'Save' button.

In the column at the end you can see a change of information about who paid.
Click the 'Save changes' button.

If you want to see the list of students who have already paid, or whom you have tagged as "has paid", select 'Payments' in the top menu.

You can also add payers through the 'Add payments' icon in the top menu. In the dialog you can fill in the amount, payers and choose a payment plan or add more payers at once.

Payment plan adjustments / removing previously assigned payment
Adjustments to the payment plans assigned to students can be made in the "Users" section.
Multiple students can be tagged and add or remove a payment. Save changes.

Alternatively click a single student and remove the payment by clicking the bin icon in the open dialogue.

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