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"Type in / choose" question card
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To create new question card, select the topic from your teaching plan and press "+".

Select "Type-in / choose" question card.

You can choose from two types of spelling exercises.

1. The first type: type-in excercises. The correct answer is closed in square brackets. Students do not see the answer.

The students will fill his/her answer in the box.

In some cases there can be more correct answers for example in math - number 75 is the same as number 75.0. In this case, all variants of the correct answer are separated by a semicolon.

There is a tool for inserting square brackets, slashes or semicolons:

Please include variants of the correct answer. Press Insert. The system inserts the answer/answers into square brackets.

Typing in is case sensitive only if the string, you are typing in, has maximum of 2 letters. This means that [e]ngland and [E]ngland are two different options because only one letter is typing in. However, [england] and [England] are the same option because more than two letters are being typed in.

2. The second type of excercises - a choice of options:
Close the options in square brackets and separate them with the slash "/". The first option is correct. System shuffles options for students.

Students will see:

Again you can use the tool. In this case, select the second option "Select from choices".

Input the correct answer first, then input the wrong answers. Press Insert. For example england and England are two different options.

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