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How to create new plan
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Plans and preparations in EduPage - VIDEO

Select the course you want to create a teaching plan for. If you have not created an course yet, create it. What is a course? How to create it?

You can make a copy of existing plan directly when creating a course.

Or you can do it later as follows:

In the top menu, select Plans and Preparations. Press the "Create plan" button.

You can make a copy of your plan from the previous year.

Choose from a list of plans that are visible to you.

If you create a new plan, press "New chapter" button.

Enter names of topics. For each topic, enter the number of lessons. The system automatically number them. How to plan curriculum

Save the changes.

How to edit existing plan
How to copy a teaching plan from another one

We recommend you to add teachnig standards to your plan. This step is important to take full advantage of all the opportunities offered by EduPage.

What is the role of standards in EduPage?
How to create school standard
How to assign standards to teaching plan

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