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What is shown in the top right corner?
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Each row represents one teacher and his/her timetable.

1. The color of the teacher's schedule represents:

A. Pink - teacher has a lesson there.
B. Yellow - this is the lesson to be substituted.
C. Blue - means the class is missing and the teacher is free, although he was supposed to teach something.
D. Green - this lesson can be joined with the second half of the class
E. Dark gray - teacher is out at these lessons (can be seen when he/she is out only part of the day)

2. The color bar next to teacher's short names:

Green - teacher is teaching in this class
Orange - teacher has the correct approbation
Dark Blue - teacher is the class teacher in this class. He can substitute this lesson and do some very useful work, like investigate who broke the window, who damaged the flowers etc :)

3. Timetable of the class.
The upper part shows the timetable of class

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