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How to add or remove items in menu
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Modules on your school web page can be enabled or disabled. Select from the list of moduls, or create your own. The list of all available modules can be found in Control center/Modules and navigation/Enabled modules.

Select modules you wish to enable. Change their availability to Enabled. Disable modules you do not need.

You can select, who can see the module. All users, logged users, teachers or nobody but administrator.

Enabled modules can be placed on your web page. In the left menu: Select Control centre/Modules and navigation/Arrange modules into left, right, top menu.

Rearrange your modules by dragging them into the desired menu. Create new submenus in your existing menu by clicking the "create submenu" button. Enabled modules you do not wish to display cacn be moved to hidden modules.

How to give rights on Class Register, Substitution or other module administration to a teacher?

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