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Case 4 - Registration for elective courses
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A new registration for elective courses needs to be created. The students can select 2 or 3 different elective courses from the specific subjects.

A new action can be created by a teacher or the administrator.

New action can be created by the teacher or administrator. Press the red + sign.

Input the title of the action and the from/to time open for registration. Keep the state "In preparation" mode.

Select the potential participants allowed to register for the action. In this case it is class 4.A.

The elective courses to choose from are defined in the Targets.

Use the Rules to define the condition that each student must select 2 or 3 elective courses.

Save your settings. The registration has not been published yet. To publish the registration, return to the upper part of the registration and change the status to "Published" and press Save. From now on, the action is public.

Students are notified about a new registration action via notification on the web page or in the mobile application. Parents are notified too.

The teacher or the administrator can see the up-to-date state of the registration process.

You can choose a view according to the participants, targets, or a large overview table.

The overview table:

The list can be exported to Excel and printed.

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