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Messages to students and parents
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Edupage allows teachers to communicate with students and parents easily via messages. You can send the message either

  • to the individual student or parent you choose
  • to the entire class
  • to parents of students of the whole class.

    Select the "Notifications" in the left menu, then use the red + button in the lower right corner to select a new item.

    Select "Send a message". You can also send the message via the Start button in the top left corner. In that case, select "Popular actions" and "Send a message".

    Select the group of users you want to send the message to. In the default setting you send the message to one person. If you want to send the message to more persons, tick the "Select multiple" check box at the bottom.

    Enter the text of the message. You can also attach a file. Send the message. The recipients will receive a notification of a new message either on the web page or in the mobile application.

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