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Administrator - How to set up a Class register
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If your school has decided to use EduPage Class register, please do the following steps to set the Class register:

1. Use aSc Agenda Online and set up your EduPage site. Keep your lists of classes, students, teachers and subjects up to date.
2. Create EduPage accounts for the teachers: How to create accounts for teachers, students and parents

3. Create your Timetable in the aScTimetables program. Focus your attention on divided lessons. Name each study group with the same name as the students' division. Divisions

4. Publish your timetable to EduPage: How can I publish timetable for parents/students from aSc TimeTables windows application?

5. Link the data from Timetables with the data from aScAgenda Online. The system will ask you for synchronisation when publishing your Timetable: Additional data synchronisation

Possible problems:
=Groups in joined classes have different names - chyba v bode číslo 3
Ako upratať zoznam predmetov ak máme zadané niektoré navyše?- chyba v bode číslo 1

6. When teaching divided lessons (e.g. languages), enter the students into the right study groups. This is done by the teachers themselves while creating their courses.
= je dôležité preložiť
If the administrator entered the students into groups in timetables, the courses only need to be approved in the overview. Administrator - overview

Excellent! Your Class register is ready. The teachers can input absent students: Teacher - Daily plan & classbook
Class register can be used via EduPage mobile application in portable devices even offline:Mobilná aplikácia EduPage

7. To save the teachers a lot of typing when inputing the study topic into the Class register, upload your teaching plan into EduPage:
How to import a teaching plan from excel/word

8. Print your Class register:
=I am new. Please edit me.

Instruments for the administrator:
Checking of attendance input
=I am new. Please edit me.

=Administrator - Class register for school clubs and after school activities

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