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Is it possible to combine evaluation with grades and evaluation with points or percentages?
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Combining evaluation types is possible. Let's suppose some grades have been already entered. Now we are going to evaluate a test with 30 points maximum, with points. Create a new assignation - test/exam with the name "Test 1", maximum number of points is set to 30.

Award the students the number of points they have gained and save the changes.

After you have saved the changes, the average for each student has been recalculated to percentage. How have the existing grades been calculated into the average? The existing grades were set a standard weight value 20. If evaluaating with grade scale from 1 to 5 grade „1“ is awarded for 20 points, grade „2“ for 16 points, grade „3“ for 12 points, grade „4“ for 8 points, grade “5“ for 4 points. In percentage grade „1“ corresponds to 100%, grade „2“ corresponds to 80%, grade „3“ corresponds to 60%, grade „4“ corresponds to 40% and grade “5“ corresponds to 20%.

The teacher can set other than the standard weight to different grades. See the instructions: Grades with different weight. How is the average calculated?

If the student's average is to be in grades and not in percentages, the teacher can set computing the points to grades. See the instructions: How to compute points/percentages from a test to a grade?

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