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EduPage mobile application cannot be installed on Android 6.0 - error 505
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The application works under android 6.0. However some users, reported problems they have after upgrading their phones from Android 5.0 to 6.0. The application disappeared and cannot be downloaded again.

Mostly users of Huawei phones were affected. We have worked with Huawei support, tried many of their mobiles and firmware versions, but the application worked. So at the moment we only have two workarounds:

Solution 1.
Reset to factory settings. Be careful, this will clean your data on the phone, so make sure you have everything backed up.


Solution 2.
Please download this application:

It is the same application as the main one - the only difference is the name. Since the name is different, it is possible to install the application even on phones where the update has caused inability to update original EduPage.

- Use the above only when you are sure you have the mentioned problem.
- Write us at, so that we can contact you in case there is some new development.

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