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Administrator: How to set up rights in the grade book?
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The rights to enter/view grades in EduPage are linked to "official courses".

When a teacher has created an official course, he can enter grades. It's no longer necessary for the administrator to set this right elsewhere.

What is a course? How to create it?
What are official and unofficial courses?

The administrator can find the overview of the rights to enter grades in the gradebook, in the left menu in the Overview/Rights tab.

There are two rights modes: strict (manual rights entry) and unrestricted (do not enforce rights) mode.

Strict mode: Only a teacher who has an official course can enter the grades.

In strict rights mode, the administrator can set the rights for class teachers to view/edit grades at the same time.

If the class teacher only has the right to view grades in his class, then he can only enter grades of behavior.

In addition, the administrator can manually grant extended rights to enter grades to another teacher as follows:

Teacher with extended rights can then enter the grades through advanced mode. Advanced mode to enter/view grades

Unrestricted Mode
Grades can be entered by the teacher in all his official courses. Through the extended mode, any teacher can enter grades to any student outside the defined official course.

Grades entered outside of the official course are seen by the Administrator in the Report / grades. They display with an orange backgroud.

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