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How can the class teacher input absence notes?
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If you are a class teacher, you can decide, whether the absences that were entered into classregister by you and the other teachers are excused or not. Switch to the "Education/Attendance (students)" view.

The view displays all students and their respective number of "unexcused absences". Oto Simonovic has 6 "unexcused absences".

You can excuse lessons one by one, or more lessons at once.

Press right button of the mouse and select the type of absence.

As an outcome you can see, that her absence has been excused. The reason for absence displays too.

The teacher can allow parents to input the electronic absence notes:
Class teacher - How to enable electronic absence notes
Teacher - Accepting absence note from parents

In case you need to amend the absence note, or in case you need to change indovidual absence without using a note in the absence note, you can right-click directly on the absence:

Every entry has a recorded history of changes, so if one teacher says that the student is absent and another teacher says the student is present, you may always find who and when exactly changed the absence.

You can display attendance of the whole class and amend it in this view:

You can even check charts and statistics to determine the time periods with highest students' absence rates:

Note: In case you need other teacher than the class teacher to be able to enter excused/unexcused lessons, they have to be awarded the right on the following web page: How to grant right for attendance to the teacher?
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