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How can I show timetable for current week
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What you see in online timetable viewer in Edupage is data from timetable file valid for today. In most cases this is OK, but if your timetable changes in the middle of the week, it may be misleading. For example if you have published a new version of the timetable that is valid from Wednesday, then what you will probably prefer to see is Monday+Tuesday from old timetable and Wednesday-Friday from new timetable.

It is possible to configure timetable viewer to show timetable for current week. This will fix above mentioned problem, but it is useful also in some other situations:

- for 2 weeks timetable it will show correct week timetable
- it will integrate information from substitution - e.g. if some lesson is cancelled in substitution, it will be removed from the timetable.
- it will integrate information from events - e.g. if there is a holiday on a day, lessons will not show on that day.

Before you turn this function on
Before you enable this function of online viewer, make sure that:

- data from your timetable is properly linked to Edupage
- your school is OK with publishing substitution. If your school does not agree with publishing substitution info on teachers, you may configure online viewer to hide teachers' timetables.
- if you have 2 week timetable, make sure that your timetable week configuration is OK

How to turn on this function
You can turn this function on in timetable viewer - Customize - Settings - "Show timetable for current week":

After you turn this on, timetable viewer will show "This week" timetable bye default. User can switch to "Next week" with menu on the right, or he/she can choose to view regular timetable.

- Flash viewer (print layout) is not available for current week timetable. However it is possible to switch to regular timetable that was uploaded from aSc Timetables, for which Flash viewer works OK.
- If items from your database are not properly linked to Edupage database, some timetables may not show in the viewer, you may see numbers instead of names on some lessons, etc... You can check if timetable is properly linked to Edupage with "Verify" function:
How can I synchronize data between timetables and edupage?

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