=How to import substitution data from other program to Edupage

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It is possible to import substitution data from some other programs to Edupage.

Supported systems
Gp-Untis: data is imported from "*.GPN" file.
Indiware: data is imported from "vplan.xml" file

In Edupage, go to Substitutions Online function (left menu - Education - Substitutions).

Now drag your import file over the app. There are 2 areas where you can drop your file:

1) Dropping the file over the central area will import substitutions only for the selected date.
2) Dropping the file over the upper toolbar will import substitutions for multiple days (selected date + 7 following days).

Data is imported into unpublished (work) substitution data in Edupage. You can check it and if it is OK, you can make it official by publishing it:

When are the changes in Online Substitution published to the webpage

If you encounter any problem with import of substitution, please contact us.