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How to set the initial credit
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It can be useful to set initial credit for a canteen, e.g. when the school changes payment methods for canteen during the school year, or moving to following school year without
small amounts pay back to boarders.

You can set the initial credit for the canteen in the 'Payments' module (2.), which you can find in the left menu 'Communication' (1).
Select 'Add Payments' from the top menu (3.) and select either manual input or excel import (4.) according to the quantity of data you are about to enter.

'Entered manually' - enter individual recipients in the open dialog box.
Select Initial credit as the type of payment, for payment plan choose Canteen or name of pyment plan created by Canteen module ( Payment for canteen ).
If you want to add more boarders, you can do it via the green 'Add' button (add one) at the bottom left or via the blue 'More payers' button, where you can also choose whole classes.
Details, such as 'Type' and 'Payment plan' are only set for the first payer and clicking on the icon in the marked red box will copy the content to the rows below. Do not forget to 'Save'.

'Import - Excel' - if you have more data prepared in e.g. excel spreadsheet, it is good to have it prepared with the recommended header. According to the example in the picture the filled in details are the name, surname and class of the student, the amount and name of the payment plan and the account (either the number or the name).

You simply mark them and copy via 'Ctrl + C' and 'Ctrl + V' into the open dialog box. Press 'Continue'.

In the following dialog box the excel header is paired with the header in the system, but you have to mark the box at the bottom left. Press 'Continue'.

The next picture shows that one payment was not assigned - a mistake in the student's name - by simply editing it in the 'User' box you can fix this error. Press 'Continue'.

The same dialog box opens as for manually entered payments but you already have everything filled in. The dialog can contain multiple pages. Check and you can 'Save'.

The initial credit in the system is under the received payments and you can find it in the payment module under 'Payments' or 'Users' payments overview' section. Watch out for column filters turned on, 'Initial credit' may be hidden.

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