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Rating of served meals
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The 'Canteen' module also allows boarders to rate the quality and quantity of the meals served.

You can find the 'Canteen' module in the left menu, section 'Communication' when logged in as an administrator or as a person entitled to see the Canteen modul.

The 'Module settings (Administration)' of the Canteen module are in the top drop-down menu.

In the 'Ratings' section you can enable / disable ratings by both students and parents.

Ratings by students

The boarders/parents can rate the meal directly from the canteen menu when they are logged into their account. Only non canceled meals can be rated no later than 7 days from serving.

At first, the rating in the canteen menu is set on average. By clicking on 'Add rating' a student can add a star rating (1.). Press 'Save' to save the rating (2.). The student can change the rating of the meal during the 7 days period from the meal serving (3.).

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