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EduPage immediately notifies your mobile phone about all the relevant changes. If your kid receives a grade, you are automatically notified. The mobile application does not even need to be running. But you have to be online either on some wifi or use mobile data.

It is also possible to specify which kind of messages you want to receive.

Click "E" icon in left top corner, go to "Settings" and "Notifications". Now you can select which notification you want to receive:

Of course if you turn off many notification types, you might miss some important news from the school. So perhaps just turn off items that you do not care about.

- If you have more kids, you will receive notifications for both of the kids - if you have at least once logged into the mobile application with both their usernames and passwords.
- It is also possible to modify notifications on the webpage. Use Settings/Other/My Profile/My devices.

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