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Administrator - How to enter the login names for parents
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EduPage offers personal accounts for parents and students respectively.

EduPage parent account enables parents to input electronic absence notes, sign grades/notes, communicate with teachers,...
Absence notes

Select the "Setup wizard" to input login data for parents.

Click "Enter school data" in the "Basic school data" section.

Select "parents" from the top menu.

Enter the parents' data. If you input their e-mail addresses, parents' accounts are created. the login name is generally the e-mail address. Inform the parents about their new EduPage accounts by clicking the "Send passwords to parents" button.

If they do not remember their password, they can select the "I do not know the login name or password" option. EduPage will send a time limited link to the parent's e-mail.

The login names and passwords can be created by class teachers as well.
Teacher - parents' accounts

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