How to assign a payment plan (modification) to a student

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Assigning a payment plan to a student means that the student is required to pay fees listed in the payment plan. One student can be assigned several payment plans.

The best way to assign a payment plan to a student is to assing it in the 'Users' section of the "Payments" module.

In the example below we assign a "Skiing trip" payment plan to a student.
Currently, the student has only one payment plan - tuition fee, assigned to them.
An icon indicating the payment plan assignment is displayed in the student's row in the "Skiing trip" column.
A dash indicates the payment plan has not been assigned to the student.
A green tick indicates the student has been assigned the payment plan without modification - the basic payment plan is valid for them.
Any text (e.g. -50%) means the student has been assigned a modification of the payment plan. The student pays different amount than other students.
For more information on payment plan modifications, please see Modifications of payment plans.

Select the "add" option.

Save your changes.

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