Modifications of payment plans

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It is advisable to create a modification of a payment plan for students, who pay a different amount (e.g. a discount in tuition fee) than stated in the original payment plan. Add a modification to the payment plan and select the affected students.
A student can be assigned either the payment plan or its modification. It is not possible to assign both to one student.
A student does not have to be assigned the payment plan nor the modification ( the student does not pay any tuition fee, for example).

To create a modification of a payment plan, select the "Payment plans" section in the "Payment" module. Find the payment plan you want to add modification to, and click on the 'Edit' icon.

Click on the '+ add modification' icon in the dialog for editing the selected payment plan.

Define a name of the modification - the name will be displayed in the list of payment plans.
It is advisable to define an abbreviation of the modification - it increases clarity when handling the payment plan.
It is also displayed in the "Users" section, a location for easy adding or removing of a payment plan.

The fees of the modification can be set in a dialog for editing the payment plan.
Do not forget to save changes in both the payment plan and its modification!

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