Setting information about school's bank accounts

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While teachers can create cash payment plans for students only, the school can also create cashless payment plans. Thats why the information about school's bank accounts is necessary.

The school can define accounts to which it will not make return payments (e.g. bank agents' or intermediary institutions' accounts) .

This information can be set in the 'Payments settings' section of the Payments module.

Accounts for incoming payments

Type a name of the bank account to the field marked as "Label" (short and easy to remember name).
The "Bank account - Name" field is for typing the official account name as is named in your bank.

If the school has several accounts which want to use for different payment plans, use the green button "+ add" to add an another account.
And than is important to select pre-set account. When creating a new payment plan, the pre-set account will be selected automatically.

The blue button "change account" use only if the school no longer uses the account at all and a different account will use instead. Be careful not to delete your account information. Deleting all account in your settings would mess up your already recorded received payments.

If the school has defined several bank accounts, just select the desired bank account from the list of accounts when creating the cashless payment plan.

Accounts for refunding payments

When school records received payments through the account statement import, the system records automatically the last account from which the payment was received and assigned to the students.

So the school does not have to set students' accounts at all. The school would have wasted a lot of work and could also make mistake when entering numbers. Keep this work completely for parents.
How to set bank account information for return money payments

Non-refundabe accounts

When recording payments through the account statement import, the system records for the students the last account from which the payment was received and assigned.
So it is necessary to set up also non-refundable accounts if the school receives cumulative payments from some institutions (e.g. post office, donor, ...).
It could happen that the school would return the exceeding payments not to the parent but to the that institution or post office.

Specify this kind of account in 'Payments settings' and press "Add" in the restricted accounts section. Save your changes.

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