Evaluation type "Grade computed from point/percentage value"

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If evaluation with grades is used, EduPage can help you with computing the grade from points awarded in a test.

Input the maximum number of pointsa student can gain, while creating a new test/exam. Choose the evaluation type for computing the grade.

The teacher inputs the number of points awarded to the students. The system computes a grade based on the scale selected.

How to define the evaluation scale

The student can see the number of points he gained and the computed grade.

In this type of evaluation it is the grade that is counted to the average (not the points or the percentage). The weight of the grade can be set too.

Your other evaluation options:
Evaluation type "Grades"
Evaluation type "Points"
Evaluation type "Points with informative grade"
Evaluation type "Percentages"
Evaluation type "Percentages computed from point value"
Evaluation type "Percentages computed from point value with informative grade"