Switching over to the new version of the timetable viewer.

Since February 2017 Edupage timetable viewer gradually changes over to a newer, more modern version (technology HTML5/SVG) that replaces the older viewer version (technology HTML/Flash). In the regard of this transition you can notice some changes in the timetable view on Edupage depending on the view format of your timetable on Edupage - whether it was published in Flash or HTML.

Changes compared to the old viewer Flash version
Because both the old Flash viewer and the new viewer take over print settings from the program, changes are minimal. You can notice these differences:
- in the teachers/classrooms schedules, the room supervisions stop displaying unless they are allowed in the user rights on Edupage.
- new viewer can display timetables that the old Flash version could not: summary timetables of subjects, students or timetable for "this week".

Changes compared to the old viewer version
The old HTML viewer did not display the timetable on the base of print settings in the program but it used independant Edupage view settings. This is why you can notice smaller or bigger changes in the timetable view. These changes are dependable on how different print settings you had in the aSc timetables program. You can commonly encounter these differences:
- there are different texts on the cards(e.g. whether there should be group, classroom, etc... )
- the timetable has a different view structure (position of days/lessons, view of summary timetable)

If you want to modify the format the timetable in the new viewer, please see this tutorial:
How to set up the format of the timetable - New Viewer

How do I recognise that my timetable on Edupage is already displayed in the new viewer?
When viewing in the new version, down on the right there is the text "aSc TimeTables Online". If you do not see this text or there is some other text, your Edupage is not using the new viewer yet. This means that your old viewer will be replaced by the new one.