Creating individual teachers timetables

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What are "individual timetables" good for?
This functionality is to be used in simple regular timetables in interest groups or past time activities.
Lessons will be displayed in class registers and teachers will be able to add curriculum and absences.

What is the difference of this timetable from the one created in aSc Timetables?
- you can create lessons for specific time interval, e.g. 7:00-8:00 or the part of the day, morning or afternoon.
- lessons for past time activities
-you can set up the specific start and end time of each lesson

Creating individual teachers timetables by admin
Login as admin to EduPage and Select "Administration of individual teachers timetables".

Click on "add lesson" and define the lesson parameters:

You can substitute individual timetable lessons in substitution by enabling this function via the following button: