Messages and communication - Messages

English Messages to students and parents
English How to request a feedback from recepients of the message
English How can I see posts created by me?
English Important message
English How to send a message to selected students (parents) from multiple classes
English How do the recipients get to know about a new message
English How do I display only messages in my notifications?
English How to create a recipients' group
English How to hide messages that have already been dealt with?
English How to delete a message sent by mistake?
English How to filter only HW or tests in notifications?
English How to send message to only one recipient
English How to delete a "done" message from the list of messages in the mobile application

Messages and communication - Noticeboard

English Noticeboard

Messages and communication - Send photos

English How to send photos to my class?

Messages and communication - Notifications

English Notifications
English Notifications in the mobile application not working?
English How to mark a notification as "Done"?
English Notifications on Huawei devices

Messages and communication - Chat

English Chat with whole class
English How to contact just one teacher or student?
English How to create a customised user selection in the chat?

Messages and communication - Surveys

English How to create a new survey
English Publishing a survey