Substitutions / cover - Basic information

English   What is aSc Substitution software good for?
English   How to access online substitution

Substitutions / cover - Input the data

English   Teacher details
English   Subject details
English   Defining reasons of absence
English   Defining types of substitutions
English   Approbation
English   Copy duties
English   Events in substitution

Substitutions / cover - Make substitutions

English   Inputting absent teachers
English   Adding more missings at once
English   How to specify that Class/Group is missing the whole day
English   Generate the substitutions for one day
English   Specifying substitutions
English   Creating a remark for each substitution.
English   Creating a remark for one day
English   Move the lesson
English   Replace the lesson
English   Moved, replaced and swapped lessons.
English   How to change the subject, classroom... if nobody is missing?
English   How can I remove the substitution?
English   Missing teacher and classroom on same lesson
English   Supervisions substitution
English   How can I create new lesson in Substitutions
English   How can I cancel the lesson
English   What is shown in the top right corner?
English   Substitution collisions
English   Add the classroom change into the substitution online
English   Events in substitution
English   Swap the lesons
English   Lessons with 2 teachers - how to cancel it for just one teacher.
English   More substituting teachers, more classrooms
English   Teacher's absence on supervisions
English   How to change timetable for specific day to another day/week/term
English   Long time absence

Substitutions / cover - Publish

English   When are the changes in Online Substitution published to the webpage
English   How to enable substitution viewer on the school website?
English   We don't want the substitutions to be visible to public
English   Improvements in the substitution overview

Substitutions / cover - Notications

English   Send notifications about substitutions
English   Instructions to substituting teacher via application

Substitutions / cover - Other

English   How to set teachers right for Adminsitration of substitution
English   Is it possible to use both online and local version?
English   How to get interest group's teacher to substitution

Substitutions / cover - What's new

English   What's new in Online substitutions

Substitutions / cover - Substitution - teacher's view

English   Teacher - Check the daily substitution:

Substitutions / cover - Substitution in the mobile app

English   How to set teachers right for Adminsitration of substitution
English   How can I get to Substition in the mobile app
English   How to add missing teachers/classes/classrooms in mobile app
English   How can I edit or remove missing teacher in mobile app
English   How to specify substitution in mobile app
English   How to publish dayily substitution in mobile app