User accounts

English   How to create accounts for teachers, students and parents
English   Administrator - How to enter the login names for parents
English   Overview - accounts
English   How do I know if the parents' accounts are valid?
English   How to access the list of parents' accounts
English   How to set up the end of employment to a colleague and deactivate his account?
English   How to generate login data for students, who do not have an e-mail address

User accounts - Prihlásenie - Login - teacher

English   Personal EduPage account
English   How to change the login or password
English   I am a teacher and a parent - How do I switch between my EduPage accounts?
English   Administrator/teacher - switching between teacher's and administrator's acconts

User accounts - Prihlásenie - Login - parent

English   How to log in to EduPage as parent with one or several children
English   I forgot my password to parent's account
English   Parents with more than one child
English   Parent - how to add my other child to the app?
English   How to obtain parent access to EduPage
English   Parent - how can I change my password?
English   How a parent can change the password on their child's EduPage account
English   How to remove a user from the mobile application

User accounts - Prihlásenie - Login - student

English   Login - student
English   Personal EduPage account
English   Student - How to log in to EduPage mobile application