Basic school data - Input/import of data

English   How to input a new teacher/staff entry to EduPage
English   How to import students, teachers or parents?
English   How to input a new teacher/staff entry via AgendaOnline
English   How to input a new class/subject entry
English   How to input a new student entry
English   How to enter headmaster/principal of the school
English   How to change the teacher's last name
English   Teacher swap/change in the middle of school year
English   How to set up bell times?
English   How can I upload photos of students and teachers to Edupage

Basic school data - Course settings

English   Administrator - administration of courses
English   Administrator - Red courses with bell sign
English   Administrator - how to change settings of the course
English   Administrator - Approving courses
English   Administrator - Divisions Overview
English   Administrator - How to copy divisions and groups
English   Administrator - Course with divided class
English   How to restore deleted course (with teacher's plan)?
English   How to hide empty rows and columns in admin overview
English   How to synchronize students from timetable to courses
English   Administrator - How to address a case of a student not attending a specific course?
English   Administrator - how to print list of students attending the course

Basic school data - Course settings - Courses

English   Teacher - courses
English   What is a course? How to create it?
English   What is "a course" good for?
English   Courses with bell icon
English   How to change course settings?
English   How to delete a course
English   How to restore a course (with plan) deleted by mistake?
English   Divided and joined classes
English   How to print list of students
English   How to copy courses from the previous school year to the current one
English   I teach both students' groups in one class. Should I create one or two courses?
English   What are official and unofficial courses?
English   Divided lesson does not display correctly in the class register
English   Creating degree courses
English   Can the students groups be copied from the previous school year?
English   Lesson with the teacher's assistant
English   How do I use my last year's teaching plan?

Basic school data - Course settings - Courses - Special cases

English   Course with two components e.g. theoretical preparation and practice
English   Teachers in students' groups alternate. How to create a course?
English   Student switches students' group in the course of the school year
English   Lessons with whole class and divided class
English   Subjects with more components
English   Two teachers teach a subject divided into groups in one class. What about the plan?

Basic school data - Course settings - Courses - Courses for school clubs and interest groups

English   Teacher - How to create a course for a school club
English   How to create a course for an interest group
English   Teacher - Why do I not see the course for school club/interest group in class register?
English   Teacher - How to prepare a plan for a school club
English   How to input the educational activities into the school club class register (the scope of the interest group)
English   Several teachers take turns teaching in one school club department. How to create a course
English   How the class teacher registers students to interest groups
English   How to print the list of students attending an interest group

Basic school data - Working with data

English   How to learn the number of students in each class
English   How to display only the current students of the school

Basic school data - New school year - Electronic Applications

English   Electronic applications
English   How to adjust the layout of the application form
English   How to place an electronic application in the menu on the website?
English   Where can I find the list of submitted applications?
English   How can the parent print out or change the submitted application?
English   How to set a school defined field in the electronic application
English   How to include a link to electronic application on the school webpage
English   How to employ electronic application on a webpage other than EduPage webpage
English   Application form - Uploading data to Agenda Online
English   Where can the files uploaded to the application be found?

Basic school data - New school year

English   Moving data to a new school year
English   A fast way to switch between school years