Attendance system - Chip tags personalisation

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If you have ordered chip tags, you can easily allocate them to individual persons.
Select Agenda Online/List in the left menu. Click on the student's name.

Select the "Other" tab. Click the "+Add" button.

A window opens. Insert the chip tag code (a unique combination of numbers and letters on the chip tag):

Immediately after the code has been inserted, the real chip tag code hidden in the chip tag appears. Confirm it by pressing the "OK" button:

Personalize the chip tags of your employees in the tab: E-cards/Add respectively.

If your school distributes chip tags to all its students, you have two options.
1. Authorize the class teachers to distribute the chip tags in their respective classes. The teacher just records the unique chip tag code for each student. Later, the administrator just inserts the code to the respective student in Agenda online.
2. Make a list of students, allocate each name a chip tag code (in Agenda online) and distribute the right personalized chip tag to the right student. The situation is identical for teachers/employees. Administrator is the only person authorized to insert codes into the database.