Attendance - smartbox

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When you buy aScAttendance system, you will receive the following components:

Optional accessory equipment available for order:

The persons whose attendance is to be recorded come in contact only with the reader (B). It is the only component that has to be within their reach. The minicomputer (A) should be out of their reach. It should be protected from unprofessional handling.
In a standard case there are 3 cables leading from the minicomputer to: 1. the reader of the chip tags and smart cards, 2. the school network, i.e. the internet, 3. the power grid.
1. The reader (B) can be connected directly to the USB port on the back side of the minicomputer. If a longer distance has to be overcome, an extension USB cable (D) can be used. It will extend the distance between the reader and the minicomputer by 10 meters. If you are looking for an even longer extension, another 10m active USB extension cable (F) can be added. Attention! Do not combine with a passive cable. the reader can read cards, chip tags with 13,56 MHz frequency. The distance between two readers must be longer than 30 cm.
2. The minicomputer (A) has to be connected to the internet. Find the nearest switch or router with a free ethernet slot and connect the cable. The cable is not part of your order consignment as it is generally available at schools and it can be obtained in the right length (ask the school administrator/technician). This cable does not have strict length restrictions. This kind of cable can be ordered - we offer cables with 30m length (G).

3. The minicomputer (A) has to be connected to the power grid. It can be done with a charger (C). The cable has to be connected to the microUSB port in the minicomputer. If longer distance needs to be overcome between the power supply and the minicomputer, use either a common extension cord (not a part of your order consignment) or a USB cable (D).

If there is a reception area at your school, we recommend installing the minicomputer at the reception desk and lead the cable to the reader. The reader can be installed on any surface, including glass.
If you plan to record attendance of employees only, a sensible location for installing the system would be a teachers' room (or any room accessible to teachers/employees only, generally visited upon their arrival).

Connection chart:

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