Warning sign next to course name in Electronic Class register

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A warning sign next to a course in Electronic Class register indicates a problem with the course.

A list of the most common problems:

a) The course has not been created: What is a course? How to create it?

b) The course has been created, however it is a divided lesson and it is important to link the course with the name of the group in the timetable.. Divided lesson does not display correctly in the class register

There can be a problem with incorrect link - you have not chosen the right group from the timetable.

c) Course duplicate - two or more courses have been created for this subject and class. Please check the courses and delete the duplicates. If one of the duplicate courses includes a teaching plan, delete the course without a teaching plan. How to delete a course

The warning sign is displayed also when the subject has multiple sections. E.g. English with two separate courses. The Literature course and the Use of English course. Link these courses via the "subject component". The warning sign disappears. Follow the instructions: Subjects with more components

If you experience a different problem, please consult your EduPage school administrator.