Groups in joined classes have different names

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The "Groups in joined classes have different names" notice might appear when verifying the aScTimetable on EduPage:
(Education - Timetable - Administration - Verify - General)

This example shows problems with groups in classes 7.A, 8.B in the Ethics subject. The problem can be resolved in the aScTimetables program. Verify and adjust the lessons:

The error is caused by differences in groups.
When combining different classes, joining groups with the same names is inevitable.

After correcting the error, publish the adjusted timetable to EduPage. Verify the timetable for errors again. The error notice is gone.

The reasoning:
When several classes have been selected and several different groups of the classes have been selected, the system does not know which of the groups belongs to which class. In some cases, the class register might not work properly.